About Us GrF & Partners is a consulting group formed by senior professionals with extensive experience in most areas of the Health Care sector (pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical devices). With more than 150 accumulated years of experience we offer integral assistance to your projects. Industry Expertise in: Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Food Suplements.

Santiago Alsina

Ramon Coll, PhD

José J Fernandez

Cristina de Irala

Carmen Martínez, PhD

Antonio Ribot Roca

Santiago Alsina

Senior Executive in the healthcare industry with significant knowledge in Pharma, Food Supplements and Nutraceuticals.

Expert in Interim Management process through a team building project.

Experience in Leadership Senior roles with a depth understanding of the business, linked with regulatory, development and production.

Solid strategic business vision. Good communicator and negotiator.

Santiago has been Interim Manager in Transfer Product Project, M&A Project. General Manager in Efarmes & Lacer. Operations Director in Novartis Consumer Health.

Ramon Coll, PhD

He has worked in the Pharmaceutical sector since early 1980, acquiring experience as scientist and as Project Manager in R&D. Since 2001 get the position of Business Development Director and later on was also R&D Director, belonging to the management board of the company.

He has experience in recruiting, organizing and leading R&D teams, vast experience in Asian markets as India and China creating own teams in this countries and business oriented skills as negotiations, internationalization, HR management including change management, portfolio management, procurement and supply chain. He has also experience in strategic advisory in the API sector.

Goal oriented and dedicated team player. Good communicator, good analytical skills and able to generate strong interpersonal relationships.

Ramon has been Business Development Director and R&D Director in Farmaprojects, Scientist and Project Manager in Lab Dr Esteve (R&D).  He is currently Business Development Manager in Moehs Iberica.

José J Fernandez

Senior Executive in the healthcare industry with significant knowledge in Operations- Quality Activities and culture change management.
Expert in process optimization through a team building project.

Experience in Leadership Senior roles with a depth understanding of the business units needs, linked with regulatory, development, production and transfer knowledge, to accelerate products time to market.

Deep knowledge in: Process optimization, Industrial business strategy definition-development, Change management/start up, Profitability/productivity, GxP compliance.

Solid strategic industrial business vision with solving problems skills in a pragmatic and pro-active way. Good communicator and negotiator, as much internally as with 3rd parties.

José J. has been Industrial and Plant Director, Qualified Person, responsible for Development and Regulatory of the Generic B.U in Lacer S.A. responsible for Development and Regulatory of Generics, QAU in Lacer S.A., Industrial Director, Qualified Person in Madaus and QAU in Wassermann.

Cristina de Irala

Bachelor in Pharmacy and Master Degree in Sciences by the University of Barcelona.

Professional with seasoned experience in pharmaceutical industry, in the field of Pharmacovigilance.

Senior consultant, with experience in most areas of Pharmacovigilance, including the role of European Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (EU QPPV), and local Pharmacovigilance responsible.

Experience in corporate and local pharmacovigilance departments of pharmaceutical companies and CROs.

Depth understanding of client needs in order to build up a pharmacovigilance strategy adapted to their needs and resources, being compliant with regulations.

Pro-active and results oriented, dedicated to the work, and strong team player.

Rigorous and reliable, with good interpersonal skills.

Since the year 2000, Cristina has worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry, mainly in Drug Safety.

Cristina has worked for multinational international companies at local (Pharmacia) and European (Alcon) levels, and in the corporate group of Spanish based multinational companies (Esteve, Almirall and Grupo Uriach). She has also worked for consultancy firms.

Carmen Martínez, PhD

More than 20 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry in the areas of Preclinical development, Project Management, Quality System Management, GxP.

With extensive experience in the design, implementation and audit of Quality Systems.  Successful transformation in organizations through motivation, fostering of professional growth and empowerment of group members in the area of human resources.

Enthusiast of training, team work and collaborative leadership as transformation tools.

Goal oriented and dedicated team player. Good communicator, good analytical skills and able to generate strong compromise with group goals.

Carmen has been Director of Preclinical Sciences, Management representative Deputy for QMS in Alcon.  Auditor, Training Responsible and Project Manager in Frigoríficos Costa Brava.  She has collaborated as consultant in several industries in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical devices industries.

Antonio Ribot Roca

Senior Pharmaceutical in the healthcare industry, working in the Pharmaceutical sector for more than 30 years.

Expert in Cosmetic and medical devices regulation. With significant knowledge in Logistics. Specialist in Industrial Pharmacy, analysis and control of medicines.  Marketing authorization expert for cosmetics and medical devices.

Seasoned consultant successfully solving issues in production and logistic areas.

Antonio has been Industrial Director, Technical Director in Parke-Davis. Quality Control and I+D+d in Syntex Ibérica. Logistics Director in Astra Zeneca. He is currently Technical Director in M4 Pharma.

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